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The spice of life....or cupboard maybe!!

December 29, 2017

I've just returned from a trip to bro's to see my Mum for a day or so.  It's always great to see my family, they are all at least 3 hours away so get togethers are a rare treat.  I even managed to see my sister for the first time in....well, a long time, put it that way.


Luckily the M25 endurance test worked out quite well on the trip back with no holdups, which is a first in my book, so the journey back was almost pleasant!


Meeting up with bro is always great, full of discussion and putting the worlds to right and always over a glass of wine or two.  He's also an excellent cook and makes a simple cottage pie into something quite fantastic....down to making the mash with cream and not skimmed milk.


With the new year approaching I'm sure, like me, you're maybe thinking of that annual clearout...sorting out the wardrobes or perhaps tackling the kitchen cupboards.  Something that I have been meaning to do since we moved here....can you believe I actually brought rubbish with me!!


A favourite has got to be the spice/herb cupboard!!  We've all been there...decided to cook the most elaborate dish from a recipe book so we've gone out and spent a fortune on all the herbs and spices only for them to languish in the cupboard never to see daylight again.  Well until you have that clearout and they're all out of date.


So this leads me to a fantastic sketch by Michael McIntyre which I will leave you with until I get a minute or two to write another blog post.  Have a great new year everyone if I'm not back again before then :) 





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