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Whirlwind trip to Frankfurt

January 31, 2018

So....having not flown for 11 years we took the plunge and decided to travel to Frankfurt for Creativeworld 2018.


It was an experience to say the least.  We arrived at Stansted Airport at silly o'clock on Friday morning.  I have to admit, I like Stansted, it's smaller and less daunting than Gatwick which used to be my local airport. 


We flew with Ryanair...cheap as chips unless you have all the add ons and once we found out that we didn't have to check in our dinky suitcase we went through the rigmarole of the security system.  I have no objection to the procedure at all, I appreciate all they do to secure our safety BUT they do all think we are seasoned campaigners at flying and looked at me like I had wally written on my forehead when I asked for help.


Once through the airside shops and facilities were excellent, boarding was simple and after a delay of about three quarters of an hour we took off.


We took a very short and relatively expensive cab ride to the hotel in Frankfurt and then went off our to explore.  The German public transport system is efficient and easy to use although very different to the UK.  They seem to rarely actually want any payment for the buses despite us offering on all the trips and they regularly offer free transport to events that are going on in the city.  Most people can speak English which kind of makes me feel a little ignorant at my lack of a 2nd language but they don't seem to mind at all.


We spent 2 days at Creativeworld and also had a brief look round at Paperworld and Christmasworld...all fabulous and LOADS to see.  My fitbit recorded over 50,000 steps in the 3 day visit and I have to admit to being  a little jaded when we got back.


A short flight back on Monday and the afternoon spent napping and then Tuesday was back to work as normal.


I'm hoping for some creative time soon, getting withdrawal symptoms and need to create....but I am designing and have some super new stuff coming out for Stitches in a couple of weeks......eek, is that all!!






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